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"Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one."

endlessanimation is a blog dedicated to providing gifs and graphics (but mostly gifs) from a variety of different animated films and tv shows.

Anything featured on this blog was made by me, unless stated otherwise with the tag 'reblog'

Feel free to request anytime as long as I have what you are requesting or have a way of obtaining it and please be specific when requesting! :)


"It’s alright, you’re safe now."

"omg your gif skills have improved. Not like they were bad before, but now they are like so quality. I mean they always been good but now they are like surpassin mine girl u are fantastic!"

thank you! I agree! Even though I haven’t been making gifs here I have been making gifs non-stop on one of my other blogs and yes they are so much better my old gifs are just ew they’re so terrible!

Anonymous asked:
"Up to how many requests can one make?"

well I’ll take all of them you send to me it just might take me awhile to get through all of them :) If I have the move you’re requesting that is.

"Your presence and your blog were missed by me!! T^T"

aww im sorry! Im going to make a whole bunch of gifs now to make up for my absence!

so send in your requests if you like! :)

Anonymous asked:
"where are you??? you ok? xx"

yes im fine! I know I haven’t been posting for awhile I’ve just been busy with my other blogs and other fandoms that’s all! I’ll try to post here more!

"I love your blog its amazing, truly inspiring"

Thank you so much! ♥